Time for a fresh coat - Fundy Drywall adopts a new brandFriday, June 11 2010

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Time for a fresh coat - Fundy Drywall adopts a new brandFriday, June 11 2010

Why we adopted a new brand. Simply put, we grew out of our original name and business goals

In little more than a decade, Fundy Drywall grew into a team of some 250 highly skilled professionals with skills that span every specialty construction requirement. We thank our loyal customers who regularly come to us for their most challenging specialty construction work. With every new opportunity, our capabilities, confidence and reputation throughout New Brunswick grew. Today, FUNDYPros is the company you helped us become.

For prospective customers, our old name is limiting since we are so much more than drywall contractors. Our new name, FUNDYPros, represents the expertise we offer and our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship supported by the education, training and discipline required to exceed expectations in everything we do.

FUNDY Is Fine…It’s where we work!

Founded in 1999, Fundy Drywall set out to be the best at its single specialty in New Brunswick. Today, we set the standard for quality, skill, safety and customer satisfaction. As we grew, we took on every challenge and opportunity to provide the same level of excellence in related specialty construction work. As we got bigger, we got better. And, today, Fundy Drywall does not begin to suggest the broad range of services we provide.

Specialty construction experts – inside and out

Why hire as many as 7 subcontractors when you can hire one that gets it all done? Now there is one reliable, high quality source for the all-important basics.

FUNDYPros Promises Excellence

The “Pros” part of our new name refers to the commitment we’ve made to raise the standards, expertise and expectations
in all we do. We study. We train. We get certified. We work safe. It’s how we’ve become the largest specialty construction firm in New Brunswick.

Thank you for your continued support.

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