Time for a fresh coat...Wednesday, June 16 2010

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Time for a fresh coat...Wednesday, June 16 2010

Dieppe, N.B. – June 15, 2010 – Mario Allain, President and owner, says he decided to change his company’s name from Fundy Drywall to FUNDYPros because it didn’t begin to explain the range of services he offers. Effective immediately, the business name is FUNDYPros.

The new name and brand better convey the full range of specialty construction services offered by FUNDYPros throughout New Brunswick. Moreover, it reflects the company’s commitment to ongoing employee education, training and certification in new skill sets and safety.

Employing more than 250 people, New Brunswick’s largest specialty construction services firm has over a decade’s worth of experience offering steel stud framing, insulation, drywall, plastering, ceiling installation, flooring and EIFS.

FUNDYPros serves the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction industries. Among the company’s always expanding range of services is FIRE STOP commercial insulation installation.

Allain says that FUNDYPros is intent on being the best employer in the construction industry.

“We offer a work environment that enables employees to be at their best,” he explains. ”This is why we are one of the few companies in our field that invest in education and training opportunities for employees. We encourage and reward quality work and insist upon a respectful work environment in-house and on-site.”

Mario Allain stresses the fact that most of FUNDYPro’s customers have repeatedly used the company’s services, an indication of their satisfaction.

“Our reputation is based on a simple commitment: If we say we can do it, it will be done—on time and within budget.,” promises Allain on behalf of the entire FUNDYPros team.

Contact: Mario Allain
Phone: (505) 383-6466
Fax: (506) 862-5520
E-mail: Mario.allain@fundypros.com

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Mario Allain
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